Public Checks

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An ever-growing network of global probes keeps you in the know.

Here at Panopta, we’re always looking at cities to add to our global monitoring footprint. We take into account location, service provider and a host of other information to make sure that our probes give you an accurate picture of what you end users are experiencing across the globe regardless of location of carrier.


Check Availability and Performance

Monitor external network performance and availability from our probes around the globe. Packet loss and network jitter impacts your end users and abandonment needs to be kept to a minimum.

Global Visibility

Our 50+ public probes are strategically distributed across the globe across different networks and carriers so you know where your customers are experiencing issues and you can drill down to troubleshoot local problems.

No False Alerts

There's nothing worse than a false alert triggering a early morning notification when there's no real problem. Our probes automatically confirm outages from multiple locations so you can choose the level of incident severity that will trigger notifications.

Complex Synthetic Checks

End-user experience is so much more than your website being "up." Check DNS, IMAP/POP, APIs, databases, complex transactions and any TCP-based service to ensure that you're not just "up" but performing.