OnSight vCollector

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All the power of our public probes, safely in your private LAN

Our OnSight vCollector is a lightweight virtual collector appliance that sits behind your firewall securely while running network checks, SNMP polling, and proxying for any Panopta Agents.


Flexibility in
Private LANs

Panopta's OnSight vCollector performs the same types of checks as our public probes but operates behind the firewall. Get all the power and flexibility without compromising security.

One-Way SSL

Communication about monitoring details is only able to be sent one-way, from behind your firewall back to our monitoring cloud. A one-directional, SSL channel prevents any intrusion.

Easy Updates

Setting up automatic updates from Panopta's Monitoring Cloud, is simple and easy or, easily initiate updates on your own right from the same console.

Hypervisor Agnostic

Your OnSight vCollectors work with any hypervisor. From Hyper-V to XenServer, AWS and more, we've built them to work seamlessly with the solutions that you're used to.

Failover and

Never worry about losing monitoring data or taxing the resources of one vCollector. You can set any failures to trigger another collector to pick up the slack or, if you lose outbound connection, the data will be cached until the connection is back up.. Optional load-balancing spread checks across multiple collectors to decrease latency and resource usage giving you flexible and non-intensive monitoring.

Team-up with
Server Agents

Team up your OnSight vCollectors with our Server Agents in airgapped networks to proxy their traffic securely.