Know about disruptions with your website and network services before your users do

Whether you’re monitoring websites or network applications and services, Panopta has got you covered. We track whether the service is up/down, how fast its responding and perform deeper application checks for even more insight into your systems. Our monitoring probes are distributed across the globe so that we have the same perspective as your users, no matter where they are. Our industry leading approach for outage confirmation ensures that you only get an alert when the outage is real. We do this by confirming detected outages from several other locations to eliminate false alerts. This paired with checking every 60 seconds gives you an unparalleled monitoring combination.


Get a pulse on your servers with agent resource monitoring

When your application stops responding or starts performing poorly, it’s imperative to know what elements caused the problem. If you’re monitoring the resource utilization and health of your servers, you can prevent issues from occurring in the first place. The Panopta agent monitors resource metrics like CPU load, memory, disk space as well as application metrics from your web or database server. It even supports writing your own custom plugins. Set thresholds on each resource metric and get notified as different severity levels are reached. With the Panopta agent, you will finally have your finger on the pulse of your systems at all times.


Need monitoring behind your firewall?

Have 100’s or 1000’s of servers and devices secured behind a firewall? Rest easy, because we can handle that too. Panopta OnSight™ allows you to effectively and securely reach devices on your private LAN without compromising your network security. Bring the power of Panopta behind your firewall to monitor network services, applications, perform SNMP polling and even provide a bridge to servers running our monitoring agent which can’t connect outside your network. Use Panopta to monitor both public and private infrastructure, all on a SaaS platform which you can trust.

All three dimensions of your monitoring in one unified view


Effective monitoring is a multi-dimensional problem. Collecting different perspectives from different angles is what makes Panopta’s inside-out monitoring approach so powerful. Rely on one system to give you a fully unified view of the health and status of your infrastructure. With that type of insight at your fingertips, you will be able to streamline your operations and make decisions quicker and more accurately.

Still want to know more about how Panopta works under the hood? Check out our Geek Speak page.