Ad-Hoc + Scheduled

Reports when you want them, on-demand or scheduled.

If you want regular insight into how your network is doing, we allow you to schedule regular reports at any level of granularity that you’d like and with any of your available metrics. And, for those times you need to see everything right away, you can pull on-demand reports with ease.


Scheduled E-mails

Queue up daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports and rollup a summary of incidents and resolutions so that you know how things are going at a high-level.

On-Demand. In Depth.

When you need a more detailed report, choose whatever time frame you like and get as granular as you need. Your data is yours and you should be able to access it whenever you want.

Intelligent Tags

When you're using tags to add an extra layer of filtering on top of server groups, teams, etc. you can easily send reports based on any grouping that needs them.