Server Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on your servers without any extra equipment.

Monitoring for every platform.

Monitor all of your bare metal servers, on-prem virtual machines, and cloud compute instances, all in one place—no matter OS they’re running.

Our SaaS-delivered monitoring makes it easy to monitor all of your servers in one place without worrying about adding equipment, what OS you’re running, or updating licensing fees. With coverage for Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac, Panopta is able to pull all of your servers into a single, out-of-box dashboard, and provide richer default templates, to make configuration smoother, and metrics.

Coupled with our built-in incident management and alerting, Panopta offers powerful collaboration and automation tools, allowing teams to efficiently manage their infrastructure. With fully customizable thresholds, teams can set up alerts for any metric and take advantage of our comprehensive incident details pages. When combined Panopta’s industry-exclusive CounterMeasures, Panopta can automatically take many of the diagnostic or remediation steps admins take when an incident occurs, reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and Mean Time to Diagnose (MTTD).

Monitor everything that goes into delivering your application and services in one place

Panopta’s single-pane-of-glass-view brings all of your environment into one place. From network devices to application metrics, public to private, you can cover everything with Panopta’s OnSight vCollector and Agent, ensuring there is never a blindspot.


Bare metal and more, all in one place.

Panopta’s single-pane-of-glass-view makes it ideal for hybrid environments. The Panopta Agent and OnSight vCollector can be added to any infrastructure, whether they are bare metal or virtual, and securely collects metrics in the Panopta dashboard.

With the addition of Panopta’s comprehensive dashboards and incident/metric drill-downs, your team will have all the tools, and all the metrics they need to proactively maintain your infrastructure.

So, how do we do it? Through our three dimensions of monitoring.

"Panopta’s unrivaled support continually impresses with 5-star assistance and prompt feedback about issues and even including the end-user on the Panopta development roadmap and beta features."

James Sterling, Web Architect

“The ultimate measure of any monitoring solution is situational awareness: does your team know when something needs attention, and do they know the severity of the issue? Panopta excels on both levels."

John Enright, President

"I often say that a Panopta alert is more potent than any dose of caffeine, and it’s true. If Panopta alerts us, there’s something wrong. We’ve never gotten a false positive."

Preetam Jinka, CTO

"[Panopta's] monitoring agent is fantastic; we know at all times how our servers are doing and that lets us stop outages before they occur."

Sacha Warton, Senior Systems Engineer

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