Container Monitoring

Reduce the noise of complex, containerized environments with monitoring that’s built with containers in mind.

Monitoring that works with all containers and orchestration systems, collecting and storing the metrics which matter most, without sacrificing visibility.

Monitoring designed to capture and expose the data that’s most important.

Panopta offers monitoring designed to collect metrics and store data essential to tracking a containerized environment.

Whether you have Docker running on independent hosts, containers within Docker Swarm, or you’re utilizing Kubernetes, Panopta’s monitoring can handle your containerized environment. Offering automated discovery and out-of-box monitoring for containers as they scale up and down, Panopta provides essential metrics as soon as containers have been pulled into the platform. With metrics covering everything from container health to the applications and services running within them, Panopta is able to provide teams with the information they need most.

With the addition of our powerful visualizations that help you track the relationships between your containers and the services you have running on them. Panopta also offers monitoring for the underlying technology stack you have running within your services, such as MySQL, Nginx, and more, bringing all your health and performance metrics into a single-pane-of-glass-view and making correlation easier.

Built-in alerting which can be used out-of-box or customized to your specific use case.

With both out-of-box health and performance alerts, Panopta can provide teams with easy to understand metrics. Teams can then filter those metrics into an unlimited number of native or custom dashboards, while still tracking the important relationships between the different objects in your containerized environment.

Panopta’s fully extensible alerting allows teams to receive alerts on any resource overutilization or failure in their environment. Alerting customization also allows teams to set alerts for a group of containers, rather than a single metric on a single container. For example, if you want to be alerted when a large number of containers all reach a CPU usage over a given threshold, Panopta allows you to do so.

Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes has become one of the most popular container orchestration services since its release in 2015 and while the level of abstraction offers a lot of flexibility in development, it can make Kubernetes difficult to monitor. With out-of-box health metrics, and automated discovery for all of the Kubernetes first-class objects (clusters, nodes, pods, containers, etc.), Panopta’s range of native monitoring makes managing your cluster simple. The Panopta Kubernetes dashboard also provides comprehensive visualizations that maintain the relationships between the objects your monitoring.

In addition to the top-down view provided in the dashboard, Panopta provides thorough drill-down menus that expose health and performance metrics for your first-class objects, native Kubernetes services, and the underlying technology stack within your containers such as MySQL, NGINX, and more. Providing this level of granularity while maintaining the relationships between your objects makes it easier to correlate incidents with the metrics you’re seeing within the dashboard, lowering Mean Time to Resolution and Diagnosis (MTTR and MTTD).

Panopta also offers native support for ingesting Prometheus metrics that does not require any changes to how your metrics are currently Published. Instead, Panopta will access those metrics in the same way Prometheus does, making the transition to using Panopta smooth and simple. With the addition of your Prometheus metrics, Panopta provides a truly single-pane-of-glass-view of your clusters.

Management tools for every use case and team.

Panopta’s monitoring platform makes managing your containers consistent and simple.

With Panopta’s automated discovery tools, your monitoring with scale with your containers gracefully, meaning your team will have less to worry about as containers spin-up and tear down. Our monitoring Templates allow you to adjust the monitoring on groups of instance types in one place.

Coupled with the Monitoring Policy workflow which can automate applying templates, Panopta helps keep your monitoring consistent across all your instances.

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Pricing that makes sense.

Containers come and go often, and their scalability is what makes them desirable. With Panopta, you’ll never pay for containers after they’ve gone down, and pricing will scale with your environment effortlessly.

Kubernetes pricing also scales, but hosts are priced as standard instances, while the containers running in your cluster will be priced as any other container. For more information, check out our pricing page.

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