Cloud Monitoring

Native cloud monitoring that can meet you where ever you are in your cloud journey.

A single place to check everything

Our customizable single-pane-of-glass view shows you everything in your environment, including instances from multiple cloud providers and regions.

Panopta can natively monitor infrastructure from AWS and Azure, bringing all of the metrics into one place for your team. Coupled with our powerful visualizations, fully customizable dashboards and status pages, as well as robust collaboration tools, Panopta makes it easy to manage multi-cloud environments.

Our cloud monitoring solutions gracefully handle scaling for you, and our meter-based paying means you will never pay for more than you use. Also, because Panopta is cloud-provider agnostic, we offer simple solutions for integrating with the native monitoring offered by both AWS Cloudwatch and Azure Monitoring.

Panopta’s Cloud Solutions

Panopta offers a native integration with both AWS CloudWatch and Azure monitoring, allowing Panopta to ingest important metrics exposed by each cloud provider’s native monitoring and funnel it throughout Panopta.

We provide a service that can automatically discover and begin monitoring instances you have within your cloud.

The Panopta Agent will sit directly on cloud instances, including containers running on Kubernetes, collecting more granular data

Learn more about monitoring an AWS or Azure cloud with Panopta.

See everything in your cloud

The Panopta Monitoring Agent exposes detailed, performance-based metrics.

Panopta provides data that native cloud monitoring often neglects, such as disk space utilization, memory, and application-level metrics, giving teams a true end-to-end view of their cloud environment. Coupled with our basic and advanced synthetic checks, Panopta does far more than ensure your instances are running.

How it Works

Using the light-weight Panopta Agent, OnSight vCollector, and a series of public probes, Panopta monitors your cloud infrastructure both publicly and privately. These are easy to install, and will never sap your resources.

Get more details on how it works here.

Synthetic Checks

In addition to basic checks, both our public probes and the OnSight vCollector can do complex synthetic checks on anything from logging in, to completing a transaction on your website. Synthetic checks can be made and added to Panopta using a web recorder, or a simple Javascript code, allowing you to keep tabs on important user experience features on your site.

Use Synthetic Checks to:
  • Verify the behavior of PaaS functionality from your cloud provider by making checks against your database service or load balancers to ensure they’re performing correctly.
  • Regularly make performance checks on important cloud applications, like your login or shopping cart service.
  • Create checks for complex actions like creating an account on your website, or updating user information.
  • Figure out which steps in complex interactions are taking the longest, so your team can help streamline the process of buying a product or signing up for a subscription.

Easy Onboarding

Our Automated Discovery service uses an API to securely gather everything about your account and pull it into Panopta.

After initial onboarding, Panopta will make regular API calls to your cloud infrastructure, which allows it to mirror your cloud infrastructure. This enables teams to take advantage of our Monitoring Policy Workflow for complex, automated configuration.

Additional Onboarding Features

Panopta offers a wide breadth of useful onboarding tools. Using the monitoring policy workflow, templates, and the tags you already have on your instances, Panopta makes it easy for you to onboard and organize all of your cloud instances.

Monitoring Policy Workflow: Automatically set up monitoring for your instances as soon as they’ve been pulled into Panopta, by using the monitoring policy workflow to apply templates, tags, and organize your environment.

Templates: Templates can be applied to new instances easily using the monitoring policy workflow, making it easy for your team to automatically apply monitoring the moment your instances are pulled into Panopta.

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