Application Monitoring Integrations

Keep tabs on how your web-based applications are functioning and combine their performance metrics with server, network & cloud platform data – for a completely holistic infrastructure view.

Application monitoring goes beyond the server and gives insights into the applications you're running,

Get the most complete picture of your applications: Tie application metrics from within your server to output metrics from our probes.

With application monitoring, correlation and root-cause analysis become a simple task and uptime and performance metrics improve!


Infinitely Extendable

If our expansive list of plugins are missing a metric or application that you use, with our extensible framework you can build your own within minutes.

Intelligent Correlation

Our automation constantly checks downstream performance metrics. When you're notified of performance issues, it's simple to correlate them with corresponding metrics from your servers.

Infrastructure Capacity

Think you need more memory? Maybe not. Fine tune your infrastructure capacity with granular application monitoring, and know exactly where your resources are going.

Powerful but Lean Application Monitoring

Our agent, the heart of your application monitoring, is a resource-sipper. Only about 10MB in size, it sits unobtrusively on your servers running checks without impacting performance.

So, how do we do it? Through our three dimensions of monitoring.

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James Sterling, Web Architect

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