Application Monitoring

Learn more about your environment with end-to-end, extensible monitoring for your applications.

Get a more holistic view of your infrastructure using HTTP synthetics to monitor your web-based applications and services.

Take advantage of our advanced synthetic checks and get end-to-end visibility your web-based applications and services.

Panopta’s advanced synthetic checks come in two types, using either a web-browser recorder or Javascript SDK, providing teams with insight into complex user experiences. With both out-of-box and customizable synthetic checks, teams can use them to monitor application performance beyond typical system metrics.

This flexibility makes advanced synthetic checks ideal for gathering data on complex user interactions within your web-based applications. Regularly testing common actions such as logging in, navigating through a series of related pages, using two-factor authentication can give you better insight into application latency, or other errors that translate to negative business outcomes.

Working together, Panopta’s advanced synthetics and monitoring expose the most important application performance metrics

Metrics such as CPU and memory usage, while important, provide more information on the underlying infrastructure your applications are running on, rather than issues within your applications. Panopta provides both comprehensive performance metrics for applications and infrastructure metrics in a single-pane-of-glass-view, allowing teams to better correlate and perform root cause analysis.

Easier correlation and root-cause analysis help to reduce time to diagnosis and resolution (MTTR and MTTD). Coupled with our expansive list of plugins for many common applications and a fully customizable framework for custom metrics and incidents, Panopta provides you with visibility into every layer of your service delivery.

In addition, detailed application performance metrics can help you fine-tune your infrastructure capacity. By customizing your monitoring for any metric, threshold, or application, teams can better understand what parts of their application need fewer resources and help them cut excess.

Leverage Automation with Panopta CounterMeasures

When coupled with CounterMeasures, our automated diagnostic and remediation tool, the synthetics and metrics gathered in monitoring your applications can help give teams their time back. With out-of-box and customization options, CounterMeasures can be used to run diagnostics, or even remediation actions, the moment a threshold is met.

Learn more about how CounterMeasures work.


So, how do we do it? Through our three dimensions of monitoring.

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