Server Monitoring

Monitor Servers on any Platform.

Keep an eye on the most fundamental metrics across your complex infrastructure so you can identify the root cause of any problems on the foundation of your network.


Root Cause Identification

Your servers are the foundation for your websites and applications and with Panopta it's easy to see what layer of your network is having problems before they turn into incidents.

Wide Support

When you're monitoring servers, you need support for a variety of different OSs and distributions, platforms and components. Regardless of your stack, Panopta's got your back.

Varied Checks

If you're performing basic TCP port checks or complex transactional and synthetic checks, we make it all easy.

Catch Problems First

With predictive and preventative insights from our monitoring cloud, you can identify and mitigate problems before they make an impact.

SNMP Monitoring

Monitor devices using SNMP polling or SNMP traps. Panopta is watching either way.

So, how do we do it? Through our three dimensions of monitoring.

“Panopta’s unrivaled support continually impresses with 5-star assistance and prompt feedback about issues and even including the end-user on the Panopta development roadmap and beta features. This is the sort of service I look forward to contacting.”

James Sterling, Web Architect

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