Get routine and on-demand reports on infrastructure, network, configuration and more.

Create reports for any data that Panopta is collecting and have it e-mailed to you regularly, or only when you need it.

Whether you need routine or on-demand reports, Panopta offers in-depth, custom reports which you can have delivered directly to your e-mail. These reports can include any metrics that Panopta gathers, and when coupled with tags, you have a multitude of filtering options for the data.

Scheduled Reports. Take advantage of daily, weekly, or monthly reports. By catering reports to specific teams, infrastructure, or even executives in your organization, Panopta makes it easy for everyone to stay informed, without having to constantly ask someone on the Support or Ops to run a report for them.

Ad-Hoc Reports. Get reports on demand when you need them. Creating and running ad-hoc reports makes it easy for various members of the organization to find the information they need. Being able to get reports themselves also means that support or operations teams can focus on incidents when they occur, without worrying about leaving the rest of the organization in the dark.

Reports on more than just servers.

Use reports to audit agents, server performance, configuration, and much, much more. Here’s a list of just some of the things you can create regular reports for in Panopta.

  • Availability
  • Historic SLA Performance
  • Incidents
  • User Incident Activity
  • Capacity Planning
  • Instance & Metric Configuration
  • Metric Export
  • Service Performance
  • Agent Status
  • Tag & User Audits

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