Have a thorough understanding of your systems, at your fingertips, with our network monitoring dashboards.

Fully-customizable, powerful dashboard builder

Whether they’re up on a screen in your war room or distributed to outside parties with restricted, read-only data, Panopta’s network monitoring dashboards are a powerful tool for visualizing the galaxy of metrics we routinely monitor.


Fully Custom

There are no limits to the metrics or servers you can include on your dashboards. With Panopta make dashboards that fit how your team works instead of the other way around.

Infrastructure HUD

With unlimited dashboards of any configuration, create specific network monitoring dashboards for specific teams. Put them up in your war room and always have your metrics a glance away.

Informative Widgets

Choose from a wide range of widgets to display your data as you require. Use charts, line graphs, histograms or simple "stoplight" widgets to present as much detail as necessary.

Controlled Access

Even in private network monitoring dashboards, easily limit who has access. Need to share them with customers or outside teams? Read-only mode is universally available.

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