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Unlimited & Fully Customizable

Panopta provides teams with as many dashboards as they need, and with their extensible design, you can create one that suits every use case.

Panopta’s customizable dashboards offer a wide variety of widgets so you can easily adjust them to your workflow and track the health and performance of your deployments. Coupled with the ability to create an unlimited number of dashboards, you can tailor each dashboard to a specific use case or team, allowing the different members of your organization to easily access and filter the data they need.

Admins can easily create private and team dashboards, as well as share any dashboard with internal or external stakeholders by enabling read-only mode.

Informative Widgets

Our dashboards include a wide range of widgets from histograms and simple “stoplight” widgets, to topology and color-coded heat maps. So whether you’re working with basic uptime or more complex performance metrics, you’ll have a way to visualize your data that makes it easy to see and use.

Widgets also offer easy options to filter the data they display, allowing admins to easily toggle the metrics they’re looking at, and better analyze important health data about their systems. Also, admins can filter metrics by type of instance, tag, and group, as well as adjust the look and feel, show or hide information, and compare date ranges, to make data aggregation simple and streamlined.

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