Panopta’s CounterMeasures help you get ahead of incidents with an unparalleled automated remediation solution.

Stay one step ahead with Panopta's exclusive CounterMeasures automated remediation of incidents.

Address incidents before they disrupt your org’s operation. When incidents do occur, pulling logs, diagnostics and running routine commands will be a thing of the past. Not only is it easy to set up CounterMeasures but, with our pre-built playbooks and extensible automated remediation platform, a quick procedure.


Pre-Built Automated Remediation Playbooks

With pre-built CounterMeasures playbooks, it's simple to set up a CounterMeasure to fire in response to an incident right out of the box without custom configuration.

Extensible Building

Build custom scripts within CounterMeasures to create incident responses more specifically tailored to your needs.

Reclaim Your Time

Garden variety incidents steal a network team's time and prevent your colleagues from adding greater value. CounterMeasures automated remediation lets your reclaim precious time by automating incident responses like restarting a service or pulling logs from the affected server.

Full Visibility

Further optimize your resources by using CounterMeasures to triage issues. Set thresholds and criteria for involving your team in incidents that require a manual touch.