Maintenance + On-Call

Adaptive alerting and unmatched flexibility

With Panopta, you don’t need to worry about creating alert timeline for every contingency and schedule. Set up your rules and then make changes to on-call calendars, perform ad-hoc maintenance or scheduled downtime without running the risk of false alerts, or incidents getting reported to the wrong people.


Reduce Alert Fatigue

Adaptive changes to existing alerting timelines and rules takes into account unplanned events easily, preventing alert fatigue, and "boy who cried wolf" moments.

Change with your Team

Teams turnover, people get sick, and sometimes they even go on vacation. You shouldn't need to rewrite all of your alerting rules when this happens so we make it easy to take into account changes in schedules and plans and follow your schedule when sending alerts.

Accurate SLAs

Does your SLA take into account that you had some downtime because of maintenance? If not, it should. Taking into account planned maintenance gives you truly accurate data for your SLAs and uptime.

Reduce Cost

Most monitoring systems integrate with other scheduling tools. At Panopta, we do that as well but we also give you the opportunity to build those schedules natively, eliminating the need for other tools and other costs.