Powerful automatic incident mitigation with Panopta's exclusive CounterMeasures.

Manually pulling logs, diagnostics and running routine commands when responding to incidents is a thing of the past with CounterMeasures. Not only is it easy to add CounterMeasures to your incidents but with our pre-built playbooks and extensible platform, CounterMeasures are up and running quickly, saving you time and resources.


Pre-Built Playbooks

With pre-built CounterMeasures playbooks, it's simple to add a CounterMeasure to fire in response to an incident right out of the box without custom configuration.

Extensible Building

If you want to push CounterMeasures to do even more, it's easy to build custom scripts that can be deployed within CounterMeasures to create custom incident responses beyond the standard playbooks.

Reclaim Your Time

When common incidents are taking up you and your team's time you can't focus on more important projects. CounterMeasures lets your reclaim that time by automating incident responses like restarting a service or pulling logs from the affected server.

Full Visibility

Automation can sometimes hide a problem that needs a manual touch and with CounterMeasures, it's to set thresholds for when to get a team involved when behind the scenes mitigation is masking a bigger problem.