Alert Timelines

Smarter alert timelines.

Panopta’s alert timelines are fully customizable to fit any type of team. With built-in escalation rules and easy duplication for new servers or existing node groups, our alert timelines make it easy to feel confident, knowing that the right person is on task for every incident. We make it easy to customize urgency and tie certain metrics to passive notifications (like email) or urgent notifications (like a phone call) offering a completely customized system that doesn’t lead to fatigue.


Fully Customized Alerting

Our alerts are set up to find you and your team, where you are and at the appropriate noise level when needed.

Unmatched Flexibility

Need an alert when disk use gets to 67%, but not at 66% instead of "high, medium and low?" With our alerting system you can get as fine-tuned with your alerting as you want to on any of our available metrics or a combination of them.

Incident Life Cycle Management

Define communication types, controls and fine-tune your process to get a robust response to any incident from initial notification to problem-solved. With easy ways to add communication to any incident, you always know what your teammates have already been working on to resolve the issue.


Make manual escalation available for your team so they can kick an incident up the ladder when needed or automate escalation for incidents that aren't solved according to your timeline.

High-level and Granular

Set different alerting timelines for individual devices or entire server groups so that your dedicated teams can respond quickly with the right people for incident management.

Fully Custom

Mix and match different communication or ticketing channels for alerts, centralize configuration in one spot and have full control around alert timelines.