Panopta’s industry leading CounterMeasures offers powerful auto-mitigation of incidents coupled with Panopta’s commitment to eliminating false alarms, empowering teams with powerful scheduling tools and integrations, and complete customization.

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Does your monitoring solution give you false positives or alert fatigue from incidents that aren't impactful? Do you have a variety of integrations, or an integrated on-call and maintenance scheduling tool?

Panopta’s monitoring eliminates false positives and brings unparalleled reliability to your team by eliminating alert fatigue through fine-tuned alerts. In addition, we bring all of your alerts together under one roof through whichever channel you want; from our mobile app to SMS, e-mails, Slack, HipChat (the list goes on.) With our configurable alert timelines, and scheduling for on-calls and maintenance built right in, your alerts get to the right people at the right time.

Create robust alert timelines simply

We’ve built our alert timelines to make it easy for you to delegate exactly who should receive which alert, on what channel, and at what time. You can build in escalation, integrate with your team’s preferred contact methods, and apply your timelines to server groups, specific incident types, and virtually any other dimension you can think of.


Connect with the most popular ticketing and communication tools

Offering the latest integrations, and easy ways to connect to other tools is what makes Panopta built for teams. Every team uses a whole box full of different tools for communication, ticketing, management, mitigation, and more! We make sure that your monitoring works seamlessly with what you’re already using.


Define on-call and maintenance schedules with ease.

Your monitoring solution should work the way you do and, with Panopta, it does. Setting up repeating maintenance and on-call schedules is simple and can have global effects on alert timelines, making it easy for you to implement without having to think about all the exceptions.


Keep the Power of Panopta in your Pocket

Our mobile app is another way to take your notifications with you on-the-go. With the Panopta app for iOS and Android, you’ll always have access to detailed information on any incident.

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Our customers can rest easy with no false alerts

“The ultimate measure of any monitoring solution is situational awareness: does your team know when something needs attention, and do they know the severity of the issue? Panopta excels on both levels. The automatic outage verification process filters out false alarms – so team members always know a Panopta alert is “for real”, and the robust escalation and notification options ensure that the all of the right people are contacted. At the end of the day, Panopta simply does a better job at keeping our team on top of issues than any other tool we’ve used – at any price.”

John Enright, President

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