Integration API

Panopta supports a full integration REST API that can be used to connect our monitoring results to other applications as well as automate configuration. Customers have used this functionality to present monitoring information in their internal dashboards, automatically gather additional information about outages and insert into into ticketing systems, as well as automate setup of monitoring as new servers are brought online.

If you would like to start working with the new REST API, login to your account and retrieve an API key from under the Settings menu. Once you have an API key, you can use our REST API explorer tool. Contact our Support Team if you have any questions on accessing the API.

Panopta Monitoring Agent

The Panopta Monitoring Agent is available to all customers. Installation instructions can be found in our knowledge base and the PGP public key used to sign the Linux packages is also available.

PlatformVersionRelease DateDownload
Linux – RHEL/CentOS2016.16.22016-08-26Via Repository
Linux – Debian/Ubuntu2016.16.22016-08-26Via Repository
AIX/Solaris – Tarball2016.16.22016-08-26All Architectures
Linux/FreeBSD– Generic2016.16.22016-08-26All Architectures
Microsoft Windows - .NET4.516.16.12016-08-25MSI
Microsoft Windows - .NET416.16.12016-08-25MSI