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We’re a group of technologists that’s extremely passionate about what we do: Providing the industry’s best monitoring service.

About Panopta

Panopta was founded in mid-2007 to offer a premium network and server monitoring service that would provide the tools needed to effectively manage service interruptions of the complex, multi-tiered web presences that are common today. The core team at Panopta has extensive technology development and technical operations experience, with over a decade of experience at some of the largest web hosting companies in the world.

We have designed and built complex web applications and content sites, experienced the problems that inevitably arise when running these systems, and put in place the processes necessary to respond to these problems. Having come up empty after a search for a monitoring system that would allow a globally distributed team of system administrators, technical support staff and network engineers to manage the day-to-day operations of both our own equipment and our customers’ infrastructure, we decided to build a new company focused on delivering this technology for our own use and those of similar teams around the world.

The resulting technology enables our customers to relax, trusting that our systems will continually check the availability of their websites. When problems do arise, they can count on timely alerts and superior tools for their teams to effectively collaborate to solve the problem. We have partnered with cutting-edge service providers to build and manage our global monitoring network and continue to expand our network to include more of the major data centers around the world.

Panopta covers on-premise environments. We monitor cloud infrastructure. Perhaps most importantly, with their comprehensive, 360-degree overview, our solutions are ideal for the tremendous number of companies with hybrid environments, negotiating the ongoing evolution towards cloud infrastructure.

About the Name

The name Panopta is derived from the Greek Panoptes, which means “the all seeing”. It was used as an epithet for the giant Argus who was born with one hundred eyes and served as an excellent watchman for Hera. Unfortunately, he was bored to sleep by Hermes’ stories and then murdered. Unlike Argus of Greek mythology, Panopta is immune to boring stories (or websites)! See Wikipedia for the full story.

Panopta is looking for smart, dedicated people to join our team to join in the development and operations of the most advanced monitoring service around. We’re a group of technologists that is extremely passionate about what we do and enjoy working in a fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging environment.

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