• “Our secure cloud hosting platform required a robust and highly scalable monitoring system to give us insight into our infrastructure at all times. Panopta was able to deliver a custom-fit solution leveraging our global data centers which complimented our premium hosting offering perfectly. The level of high-touch support we receive is unmatched. They truly *never blink*”

    Todd Gleason , Director of Technology
  • “Panopta’s unrivaled support continually impresses with 5-star assistance and prompt feedback about issues and even including the end-user on the Panopta development roadmap and beta features. This is the sort of service I look forward to contacting.”

    James Sterling , Web Architect
  • “I can sleep better at night knowing that Panopta is actively keeping an eye on our infrastructure. We’ve never experienced false positives while using the service, and their team has always gone above and beyond to ensure we have the tools necessary for our complex monitoring requirements. You will not regret signing up for their service.”

    Alexander McMillen , Director of Network Architecture
  • “Almost two years ago, we started using Panopta exclusively for our uptime checks. I often say that a Panopta alert is more potent than any dose of caffeine, and it’s true. If Panopta alerts us, there’s something wrong. We’ve never gotten a false positive. Their system is incredibly easy to use and highly polished. It’s hard to find a company that does uptime monitoring as well as Panopta, which is why we’ve never looked elsewhere.”

    Preetam Jinka
  • “The ultimate measure of any monitoring solution is situational awareness: does your team know when something needs attention, and do they know the severity of the issue? Panopta excels on both levels. The automatic outage verification process filters out false alarms – so team members always know a Panopta alert is “for real”, and the robust escalation and notification options ensure that the all of the right people are contacted. At the end of the day, Panopta simply does a better job at keeping our team on top of issues than any other tool we’ve used – at any price.”

    John Enright , President
  • “Panopta allows us to monitor our infrastructure from inside and out. Their monitoring agent is fantastic; we know at all times how our servers are doing and that lets us stop outages before they occur. A fantastic feature is the rotating schedule that you can set for multiple support staff.”

    Sacha Wharton
  • “Before moving to Panopta we had to think about the servers that needed monitoring because every server came with an added cost for monitoring. The more we wanted to see inside our network – the greater the cost. Every single action, event, or monitor came with an added cost. Now that we are on Panopta we know what the monthly fee will be and we know exactly what we can monitor. The speed of alerts, great price, and helpful support made all the difference for us.”

    John Brogan
  • “If you are a online service provider and you are not using @panopta then I feel bad for you son #IGot99ProblemsButMonitoringAintOne”

    Justin Dorfman , Open Source Advocate
  • “During the free trial, I was blown away by Panopta’s support. I love the reliability of their monitoring – it is very important for me to trust that what our monitoring tool reports is truly the case. Down is down, up is up! There is a lot about Panopta to be excited about.”

    Stephen Bylo , Cloud Architect
  • “In challenging times for Software-As-A-Service providers Panopta excels in providing the service to us, to enable our SaaS systems to thrive. Highly recommended.”

    Keif Gwinn , ThinkGrid
  • “Panopta is a cost-effective solution that will help you keep your operation running!”

    George Thiruvathukal , Loyola University
  • “I may hate hearing your name at 3 AM, but at 9 AM when I get to tell my boss downtime was less than 15 minutes I change my tune!”

    Mike Kenney
  • “Panopta is by far the most powerful and most configurable service monitoring tool I’ve experienced to date. It provides almost full control over each individual monitor and notification process, allowing you to create the perfect custom monitoring system for you and your business.”

    Jules Robinson
  • “Panopta is a reputable monitoring software that will assure that you are notified when your network is down. With intelligent alerting, a failure can be easily and immediately fixed by the right person.”

    Caleb Harris , Web Hosting Search
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  • “Panopta brings a great and growing variety of services, but their support team is what really sets them apart. They take my requests seriously and are constantly improving their service. Their API is fantastic and has allowed me to automate all my monitoring needs. It has been a pleasure working with Panopta..”

    Sascha Ottolski , StayFriends
  • “Panopta was the perfect fit for my monitoring needs. I was very impressed by there intelligent alerting system which can even connect to my IRC server and report an outage. The other solutions I’ve tried such as Pingdom could not compare with this. They are a great helpful company to work with.”

    Samuel Ports
  • “Thanks to Panopta we are able to deliver on our uptime guarantees. Panopta has turned out to be one of our most valued business partners; with their help we’re able to react quickly and accurately in the event of a network or hardware failure.”

    Jessie Kielhorn , Echoservers
  • “Panopta has been instrumental in developing and meeting our SLAs. We have been able to identify and resolve several outages before the customer even noticed them. There is no other solution that gives you fine grained resolution, scalability and a user friendly interface.”

    John Shafaee , Medtelligent
  • “The configuration options of Panopta are really impressive. But what is even more amazing is that they are easy to use.”

    Peter Klein , Terrashop GmbH
  • “We knew about downtimes mostly from our clients who called us in the middle of the night. In most situations by the time we looked into the clients complaints of specific services on the server not working, the issue was no longer there. After desperately trying every single monitoring solution for two months we found Panopta.”

    Harish Chouhan , Webtions