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Monitoring the Future of the IoT

Everyone knows the age of the Internet of Things is just around the corner. With more devices at work and home connected to the Internet than ever before, the rewards are obvious; I can say “Ok Google” and have TV playing through my Chromecast, noted added to a to-do list, or an answer to a […]

Continued Learning, Continued Success

An organization that’s not constantly learning is slowly dying. Revenue, the size of your team, and the number of releases you’re pushing are all good measures of a company that’s thriving, but “growth” is about much more than that. The personal and collective growth of knowledge in your team can’t be something that’s left on […]

Alert Fatigue Costs Time…and Money

We think it’s important to call attention to great DevOps and monitoring content from around the web and we came across this one: “What’s not Actionable & Business Critical Shouldn’t Ring: Building the Right Alerting System” by Fred de Villamil over at and wanted to add some of our own thoughts. Although this article is […]

Updates to our Public Checker Node Fleet

We’ve made some updates to our checker node fleet, the plaintext version and our website’s IP’s are updated, but you should update your own firewall rules to accommodate these changes if you’re using whitelisting. Amsterdam01: Atlanta04: Bangalore: Beijing01: Chennai, India is being decommissioned Melbourne02: San Jose, CA: Sydney03: Toronto, […]

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