Announcing V2 of our REST API

We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of version 2 of the Panopta REST API! The V2 API exposes all of the functionality which is available to you through our control panel site and has been in beta use for several weeks now. We’ve now released this to all of our customers and have made it available on all of our plans.

The Panopta API is a great way to enhance your monitoring experience even further by pulling critical uptime & outage data into external apps for a powerful mashup. Acknowledge an outage or escalate it to advance the notification schedule to it’s notification step. Or use the API to automate adding/removing servers, checks and users to Panopta when something changes on your end for a fully integrated experience. The possibilities go on. We’re happy to help you think of other ways to integrate as well, just reach out to our first class support team.

To begin using the API, simply login to your control panel and access the API key management page from under the settings menu. You can setup API keys for different purposes and designate them as read-only or write access. Once you’ve setup an API key, you”ll be able to immediately start seeing it in action using our API explorer tool.

A powerful API is only as useful as the documentation you provide showing how to use it. By inputting your API key, you can immediately see all the API endpoints available to you and the operations/parameters it takes. See below:

Panopta REST API - Overview

Once you’ve selected an API endpoint to explore, you’re presented with an easy to use interface to input any of the optional parameters with an explanation. Submit the form and immediately see the request url, response code, body and headers! Not a single line of code needed and you’re able to explore the power of the API!

Panopta REST API - Detail2

You can access the API explorer here or just visit the API key section in your control panel. Developers will be happy to hear that every new feature added to Panopta will be represented in the API as well.

Have an idea for additional API’s which should be added? Or want to show us how you’ve used the Panopta API to enhance your monitoring experience? Email our dev team or send us a note on Twitter (@panopta) and tell us all about it. You”ll make our day!

Last but not least, we want to really thank the developers of swagger for developing a framework which enabled us to bring such a powerful tool to all our valued customers.


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