Black Friday outages strike, but most survive the day

For the major online shopping sites, the first major hurdle of the holiday season is behind them. Most of the sites we’re tracking made it through Black Friday without major website outages, although several did have disruptions. In addition to the widely publicized order form problems at Walmart, there were other sites with problems. The worst was clearly Gamestop, which had 23 measurable outages on Friday, with a total downtime of more than three hours. Ulta, Joann, Sephora and Cabelas also had multiple outages, but each of their downtimes were limited to less than 25 minutes.

With Comscore reporting record online sales for Black Friday, it is quite surprising to see how well most sites performed. Up next is Cyber Monday, the day that traditionally sees the highest online sales figures of the season.

Keep an eye on to see how everyone handles the rush!

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